Frequently asked questions

Its a wed address to access to manage and operate the router page services after entering the admin and password.You can configure the SSID code(wifi) and the Peripheral phrase(password) for the router.

You just have to switch off the modem/Router or the modem router for just 2 minutes and also your desktop and than turn it on.

Or Press Reset button on the router for 15 seconds.

Switch off the modem,router and remove the power cable from the sswitch for just 10 seconds and that would be enough and also restart the desktop after that.

Press WiFi button on the router for 3 seconds. Check WiFi LEDs on the router to confirm.

Check the ethernet cable which is coming from the modem to the router and it’s plugged in to the ethernet port which is important. After that another ethernet wire is being plugged from router to the desktop for the internet access.Reboot and check internet connection.

Check the firmware update or manually update it. Change the channels and adjust it.

First press Windows key + R and type (CMD) over there and than type ipconfig after which you will get the ip address of the netgear router.Go to any web browser and put that ip over there and type http://192.168.x.x after which router login page will open.Fill the above and after entering inside the router page go to administration and than the firmware and check if there’s any firmware update if any available than go with that.

Orbi armour works as a security shield to protect from the cyber attacks and it has a 90 days free trial and after which you have to pay $70 per year.Now connect your mobile with the orbi wifi and and launch the orbi app dashboard displays and tap over security,netgear armour page displays tap over there activate and after it gets activated in about five seconds tap over launch armour portal for orbi.

Check for firmware update. Change the Name (SSID) of the router. Change the channel on the router.