http://www.routerlogin.net is the web address for RAX200 Router. Use or to access router login page.


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Router Login

To visit www.routerlogin.net make sure you follow given steps.

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How does Routerlogin net works?

Routerlogin.net is a web address to visit NETGEAR router admin settings. Whenever you need to setup a new router or change administrator settings you have to visit www.routerlogin.net. Check setup assistance

How do I log in to NETGEAR wireless router?

  • To log in, make sure your connected to your wireless router. 
  • Go to your Browser.
  • Open router’s web address http://routerlogin.net.
  • Use default IP address to login or

Why Routerlogin.net not working?

  • Check all the lights on the router. Make sure you have Power and Internet light working. 
  • Device on which you are trying to access routerlogin.net, make sure you are connected to the router.
  • Change your browser.
  • Maybe you need to reset the router.

How do I change my wireless password?

  • You need to visit router admin page to change settings.
  • Go to wireless tab.
  • Here you can change your password.
  • Do change the name also when updating password.
  • Hit apply to save settings.

How to connect my Nighthawk RAX200 to internet?

  • To log in, make sure your connected to your wireless router. 
  • Go to your Browser.
  • Open router’s web address http://routerlogin.net.
  • Use default IP address to login or

Netgear Router power light amber?

  • To log in, make sure your connected to your wireless router. 
  • Go to your Browser.
  • Open router’s web address http://routerlogin.net.
  • Use default IP address to login or


  • Open any browser and enter the address of the router in the address bar, which you specified earlier. Go to this address and enter the correct username and password, then click “Login.” If the authorization is successful, the “Status” tab will be opened in the Netgear control panel. It shows the network status, Wi-Fi settings, the number of connected devices and the status of the additional functions of the router.
  • From the convenience of the latest versions of the Netgear web interface, you can note the separation of all router settings into “basic” and “professional” ones. It is implemented in the form of two horizontal tabs: “Basic mode” and “Add. Settings ». For example, the “Status” tab from the basic mode corresponds to the “Router Status” tab from the advanced settings. However, in the professional mode, much more technical information is displayed.
  • To configure the connection, go to the “Settings -> Internet Setup” menu. Specify the type of connection, as well as the availability of the user name and password in your contract with the ISP. If the connection is password-protected, check the “Yes” option in the first setup item, and then select the connection type from the drop-down list. The following options are available: PPTP, PPPoE, and L2TP. Enter your user name and password.
  • Also, the contract can specify an IP address if a connection is used with a static IP. In this case, enter it in the “IP address of the Internet port” section. In the field of selecting the IP-address of the DNS-server it is recommended to set the value “Obtain automatically from the provider”. For the MAC address of the router, leave the default value.

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NETGEAR plp 2000 adapters


Are you aware about the PowerLINE 2000 Adapters? No worries, you have just arrived at the right place. For your convenience we have penned down all the information that is important about these PowerLINE Adapters. So do you wish to access Internet connection from wherever you’re sitting? Don’t know a fix? You can do that by simply using your electrical wiring that’ll help you to extend the Internet access wherever you want. All you need to do is plug the PowerLINE 2000 along with the extra outlet into any electrical outlet. Then plug in your new network connection and it’s done. With a speed of 2000Mbps, the PowerLINE 2000 works perfectly well for access on smart Tvs, streaming players and game consoles. Also, there’s an added benefit that includes an extra outlet that provides power for additional devices too.


Setup PLP 2000 Powerline Adapter with Netgear Nighthawk RAX200 using Routerlogin.net


Description about the Hardware features of the PLP2000 Adapters: 

You can observe a number of features but always remember that these features vary completely on the basis of region. While noticing the hardware features, you can see a Power LED, Pick A Plug LED, Ethernet LED, Ethernet ports and Security/Factory Reset Button. 

The LED Descriptions:

Well, the Netgear PowerLINE 2000 Adapters are the one of the easiest options if you want to extend the Internet access throughout without running a web of long wires. So, in order to know about the status of the PowerLine Adapter, it is essential to know about the LEDs. here we have mentioned everything that’ll help you to know more about the descriptions: 

  • Item name: Power LED 
  • Solid green: Indicates that the electrical power is on 
  • Blinking green: Indicates that the Adapter is in the process of setting up security 
  • Slow blinking green: Indicates that the Adapter is in power saving mode 
  • Off: Indicates that the Adapter isn’t receiving power at all 

The Button Descriptions:

The buttons are generally used to restore the Adapter to the factory configurations and and to generate a secure network. 

Security/Factory Reset: By pressing or holding the security/factory reset button for a time span of 1-3 seconds and then releasing it helps generate a secure PowerLINE network. Also, when you press or hold the button for a time span of 8-10 seconds, and release it to return the PowerLINE Adapter to its factory default settings.


How to Install the PLP 2000 Adapter? Router Login

Confused? Don’t know where to start from? Here we have listed a simplified procedure, following which you can surely install the PLP 2000 Adapter easily: 

  • Firstly you need to secure the network: Although optional, but setting up a secured network something that we highly recommend. 
  • Then generate a secure network: For this the first thing that should be done is plug in your new Adapters. Then you should wait until you see the Pick A Plug LEDs illuminated. 
  • Now press the Security/Factory Reset Button on one of the Adapters for a time span of around 2 seconds. Then press the Security/Factory Reset button on one of the other Adapters in your current network for around 2 seconds. 
  • Note that both these buttons should be pressed within the time span of 2 minutes. 
  • Now if you see a secured pairing successfully, you are likely to notice the Power LEDs and the Pick A Plug LEDs illuminated. 
  • Finally, the Adapter is now ready to access the Internet. 
  • Also, if you plan on installing extra Adapters, then in that case, you should repeat the Step no. 3 using one of the secure Adapters along with one of the unsecured Adapters. 
  • Important Tip: The Security/Factory Reset button does not function when in the power saving mode. 

How can you add some extra Adapters? 

In order to add some extra Adapters, all you gotta do is plug them in and connect the Adapters to the equipment before configuring the Security Reset feature. 

For adding Adapters to a PowerLINE network along with the security list: 

  • All the new Adapters should be plugged in and should be connected 
  • Then, on any of the Adapters that have already been connected to a secure network, you should press and hold the Security/Factory Reset button for a time span of 2 seconds. 
  • Now, press and hold the Security/Factory Reset button for 2 seconds on the new Adapter. 
  • It is important to press both buttons within the time span of 2 minutes. 

What is PowerLINE Network Security? 

It should be noted that the PowerLINE Network Security includes two or more PowerLINE devices that use the same network encryption key. When the security is set up, the PowerLINE network is easily configured by using a private key instead of the default key. If in case you don’t set up a security passphrase on your network, there are chances that anyone nearby with a PowerLINE network can access his or her connection using your network and the information that you share using the network. By using the Security/Factory Reset button on your PowerLINE device, you can easily generate a private encryption key and secure your PowerLINE network. 

How to use the Security/Factory Reset Button for setting the Encryption Key? 

Almost all the PowerLINE networks can be started with the same default encryption key. For that, you can use the Security/Factory Reset button in order to change the default key with a random private key. this really works in settings like apartment buildings, office buildings, dorm rooms and a number of other densely populated areas. With a PowerLINE device, you can create a random private encryption key only once, so if you want to generate a new random key, you’ll have to reset the PowerLINE device to its factory default settings. You should press the Security/Factory Reset Button for a time span of 2 seconds and then release 

  1. It is important to note that for setting the encryption key, you need to make sure that all the PowerLINE devices that have to configured, are plugged in. Check that the Power and Pick A Plug LEDs on each device have a solid green light illuminated. The Security/Factory Reset button on the PowerLINE devices should not be pressed until the Power and Pick A Plug LEDs on each PowerLINE device have a solid green light. 

Also, if you press the Security/Factory Reset button quickly, this can temporarily disable PowerLINE communication. If in case the PowerLINE communication gets disabled, you need to reset the PowerLINE device to its factory default settings by simply pressing the Security/Factory Reset button for a time span of 2 seconds. Then you should release it. 

Again note that the Security/Factory Reset button on the first PowerLINE device should be pressed for around two seconds. When the Power LED starts flickering after you release the button, it means that the PowerLINE device has automatically created a new, random encryption key that all other PowerLINE devices on the network can easily access. During this, the PowerLINE devices can’t communicate with each other at all. Within two minutes of pressing the Security/Factory Reset button on the first PowerLINE device, it is essential to press the Security/Factory Reset button on the second PowerLINE device for two seconds. Don’t forget to press both Security/Factory Reset buttons within two minutes. The Power LED will flicker after you release the button. This process will enable the second PowerLINE device to utilize the same private encryption key as the first device for mutual communication. 

Some Troubleshooting Problems and Tips: 

At times, you might encounter minor problems. But don’t worry, as we have got a fix for that. Here’s everything you can do if you face any issues while performing the procedure. First of all, something that troubleshoots the PowerLINE adapter is inspecting the LEDs. when you plug in your PowerLINE device, you are likely to observe the following sequence of events: 

  • Check the Power LED lights. 
  • Now roughly after 10 seconds, you should check the following things that include the Power LED that should be solid green. The power should be switched on. 
  • If the device has a connection to a PowerLINE network, the Pick A Plug LED should be illuminated. 
  • The Ethernet LED should be illuminated if the PowerLINE device is connected using an Ethernet port to a powered-on Ethernet device. 
  • If in case, none of the LEDs are illuminated, check to see if the LEDs are off while the PowerLINE device has been plugged in 
  • In case, you fail to find appropriate solutions, we advise you to visit the NETGEAR support site by logging into support.netgear.com for detailed product and contact information.